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Conway, NH Area Lions Club First Annual "Saco River Kayak and Canoe Race" 2016

Important update for the Race!

 The Conway Area Lions Club Kayak and Canoe Benefit Race has been moved to Silver Lake in Madison, NH due to the continued low water levels in the Saco River

  Keep the date of Sept. 10, 2016 in mind if you would like to join us at the First Annual Conway, NH Area Lions Club Kayak and Canoe Race!

  The race has been moved to Silver Lake in Madison, NH due to the continued low water levels in the Saco River. The race will start and finish at the Madison Town Beach at 504 East Shore Road. The course is approximately 5.8 miles in length.  If you are interested, contact us at . Click HERE for additional race information and to download the official entry form. Proceeds from the race will benefit The Laura Foundation in Madison, NH.

Deer Isle Maine

Deer Isle Maine


Kayak storage  

   It is extremely important to store your kayak properly when it is not being used. Many people store their kayaks either on the ground or on a rack with the full weight of the kayak placed directly on the hull. Storing your kayak like this will distort the hull and seriously affect the performance. Plastic kayaks are the most susceptible to hull damage, but improper storage can also damage composite and wood kayaks over time. The best way to store your kayak is at its  strongest point, which is on its side. Ideally, the kayak should be suspended on its side using strapping at two equally spaced points, preferably in the areas of the bulkheads if your boat has them.  Kayaks should not be hung by their ends or by the carrying straps. This can also bend your kayak over time. Ultraviolet light and weather are also an enemies to your kayak. Ultraviolet light and the weather will deteriorate plastic, fiberglass and composite materials over time, The best place to store your boat is inside. If your kayak must be stored outside, make sure your kayak is stored under cover. Proper storage of your kayak will not only keep it looking good, but will ensure you of many years of memorable paddling adventures.


2016 marks the 10th anniversary for Northern New England Touring Kayaker!


  April 2016 will mark the 10th anniversary of Northern New England Touring Kayaker! We launched as simple website in 2006 to share information about a few lakes and have been growing ever since. Two additional sections were added a couple of years ago; Environmental News and the Campn-site. These two sections will continue to grow in the coming months, along with the rest of the site. Your feedback is always welcome, so feel free to contact us at .