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Allagash Lake
Piscataquis County

Allagash Lake, located northeast of Moosehead Lake and is the only lake in Maine where motorized boats are prohibited. Part of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, it is one of the most remote lakes on the waterway system. It covers about 4,360 acres, is about 4 miles long and up to 3 miles wide in some places. There are 8 primitive campsites located along the 18 miles of shoreline. The waters are clear and cold with an average depth of a about 35 feet. The deepest area of the lake is about 89 feet. The northern shoreline is shallow with a sandy bottom. On the western shore will find rough and colorful volcanic rock. The eastern shore, near the outlet, is edged with Seboomook slate. Access to the lake is limited; the closest point you can drive a vehicle to water is about a mile from the launch area. Here you will have to portage your kayak or canoe down an old dirt road to the old ranger's station. It is best to access this lake from Chamberlain Lake, which lies to the southeast. Anyone wishing to take some time out from paddling can hike up to the fire tower on Allagash Mountain, which is located at the southwest corner of the lake. While touring the northern end of the lake, you will have a view of Mount Katahdin which lies to the southeast.

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