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Chamberlain Lake
County Maine

Part of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Chamberlain Lake is the largest lake in the system. It covers approximately 11,084 acres, is about 13 miles in length, up to 3 miles wide with a maximum depth of 154 feet. Like the other large lakes in Maine, the water is clear and cold. The prevailing winds are out of the northwest, which is also the orientation of the lake. Sudden, strong winds can turn placid waters into conditions less then friendly to both the novice and experienced paddler. Always check the weather forecast frequently and if necessary, change your route to accommodate the conditions. There are 30 primitive camp sites scattered along the shores, many of which are accessible only by boat. If you want to enjoy a warm campfire after a long day of paddling, fire permits are required. These can be acquired from the Maine Forest Service or the town Fire Warden. Access is limited to 6 authorized points along the lake and tolls are charged for the use of the private roads leading to those points.

Wildlife abounds at Chamberlain Lake and the best place for viewing is around the marshy inlet cove where the Allagash River enters the lake. Several points of interest can be found along the lake. The old Chamberlain Farm, located halfway up the eastern side of the lake, was built by David Pingree in the 1850's to provide hay and oats for the work horses along with winter vegetables for the lumbering crews. In front of the farm, you will find the remains of the George A. Dungan; a 71 feet long steamship that was used to haul pulpwood to Telos Lake. At the northern end of the lake there is an abandoned tramway that was once used to haul logs from Eagle Lake. David Pingree also built a lock dam about three quarters of the way up the lake that was used to divert water into the East Branch of the Penobscot River to drive logs down to the sawmills in Bangor.

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