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Chesuncook Lake
Chesuncook Maine

Chesuncook Lake, the third largest in state, can be found in north central Maine just west of Baxter State Park. It covers 23,070 acres and is approximately 22 miles in length with a maximum depth of 150 feet. Like Moosehead, the water can get extremely rough, which can pose a serious hazard to the inexperienced paddler. The northwest to southeast orientation of the lake is the same direction as the prevailing winds; even a moderate wind can create large swells on the lake. Near the mouth of the Upper West Branch, Historic Chesuncook Village is still home for a few year-round residents. On clear days Maine's tallest mountain, Mount Katahdin, can be seen to the east.

There are 3 distinct sections of the lake along with 4th, less distinct area. The first area, Chesuncook Lake, is the main body of water. Caribou Lake, which lies to the southwest, and Ripogenus Lake to the southeast make up the second and third sections. In the northwest, the fourth and less distinct area is Black Pond. Two boat ramps can be found at the southern end of the lake, just off from Baxter State Park Road. The ramp located on Caribou Lake is a hand carry launch site only. Many primitive campsites located along the shores of this picturesque wilderness lake, most of which are located in the northern section. Like most other primitive campsites along Maine's wilderness lakes, they are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional camping can be found on Gero Island Public Reserved Land, which is the large island (shaded in green on the map below) located in the northern end of the lake. Historic Chesuncook Village, located on the mainland to the west of the Island, is also included in the state park. For more information or to make camping reservations on Gero Island , click on the link below.
Gero Island Public Reserved Land

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