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Welcome to Northern New England Touring Kayaker!

Whether you enjoy day trips on our lakes or week long adventures along the coast, we all share one thing in common; our love for paddling the waters of Northern New England.


   Selecting a properly fitting PFD (person floatation device) is essential not only for comfort, but also for your safety. Choose a jacket that fits snuggly, has multiple adjustment points, and one that has enough bouncy. The higher the bouncy rating, the higher you will float in the water should you overturn. The Coast Guard requires that adult PFD's have a minimum rating of 15 1/2 pounds, so keep this in mind when selecting a new PFD. To make your day of paddling more comfortable, select a PFD that has large arm openings and one with either thinner foam or mesh on the lower back. This will allow for greater arm movement and less interference with the high backs that are found on some kayaks seats. Also select a PFD that has plenty of pockets and tabs to carry those items that you will need to access quickly and frequently. And finally, choose a PFD that has reflective tape and is bright in color. Make yourself visible; kayakers are not always easy to spot on the water.

   When selecting a PFD for a child, make sure you follow all the guidelines that you do for an adult. The best way to make sure that the PFD fits correctly is to lift the child by the shoulder straps. Their chin and ears must not slip through neck opening. For some added safety, many manufacturers offer children's PFD's with leg straps that will prevent the jacket from riding up. Remember, even the most expensive, best fitting PFD will not work if you are not wearing it.

Snapple the Kayaking Dog

 Congratulations Snapple! Snapple was chosen as March 2009 "Pet of the Month" by  Planet Gizmo and has also been voted as one of the two "April 2009 Dogs of the Month" for The Dog Bonery! For additional photo's, click on the picture above or here to view her page at The Dog Bonery's web site!

April 22nd marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day

Over 1 billion people world wide are expected to participate in Earth Day activities this year. 2010 will mark the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, which was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970 to raise awareness for our responsibility to this planet.

Earth Day Flag

  Help celebrate Earth Day 2010 by volunteering in clean up projects, planting trees and other environmentally focused projects in your local community. Continue the celebration throughout the year by making every day Earth Day; recycle, reduce your energy use and use environmentally friendly products and services.

 For more information about how you can help locally, visit the Earth Day Network's website by clicking here. 

  Connecticut Lakes- Pittsburg, NH

    The Connecticut lakes Region, located in the northern tip of New Hampshire, covers 300,000 acres. This area has become one of my favorite "long weekend" getaway destinations. This wilderness area of New Hampshire offers a huge variety of activities for the outdoor enthusiast with 4 large lakes to paddle on and plenty of hiking trails to explore. These are the head waters of the Connecticut River, which flows south to the Atlantic Ocean over 400 miles away. The vast majority of the land north of Pittsburg is owned by the logging companies, however they have opened this land for public use. Camping is restricted to the two state owned campgrounds and a few privately owned campgrounds. The town of Pittsburg was established in 1832 as an independent nation during the border dispute between the US and Canada.  The lakes, located north of Pittsburg, are easily accessible from route 3 in an area that has become known as "Moose Alley". A drive on route 3 around dawn or dusk will explain why; this is the best place in New Hampshire for moose viewing. To read more about the Connecticut Lakes Region of NH, click here.

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