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Conway, NH Area Lions Club 5th Annual Kayak Raffle

    The Conway Area Lions Club has started their 5th Annual Kayak Raffle that benefits the Miranda Leavitt Fund for Diabetes in North Conway. This year they are giving away an Old Town Dirigo 120 complete with a paddle and life jacket. Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. They will be selling tickets at various locations in the Conway, NH area throughout the summer. For more information about where they will be selling tickets, visit their FaceBook page by clicking here. The drawing will be held on Sept. 7th at 3pm in front of Badger Reality in North Conway. Tickets can be purchased online by clicking here. Please be sure to include your email address and phone number when checking out. The winner will be contacted by phone on Sept. 7th.

Old Town Dirigo

This year kayak raffle is sponsored by:

Atlantic Pool and Spa       Badger Realty

  Saco Bound          Midas of North Conway

Bill Jones Electric

Crest Auto Workd


Kayak storage  

    It is extremely important to store your kayak properly when it is not being used. Many people store their kayaks either on the ground or on a rack with the full weight of the kayak placed directly on the hull. Storing your kayak like this will distort the hull and seriously affect the performance. Plastic kayaks are the most susceptible to hull damage, but improper storage can also damage composite and wood kayaks over time. The best way to store your kayak is at its  strongest point, which is on its side. Ideally, the kayak should be suspended on its side using strapping at two equally spaced points, preferably in the areas of the bulkheads if your boat has them.  Kayaks should not be hung by their ends or by the carrying straps. This can also bend your kayak over time. Ultraviolet light and weather are also an enemies to your kayak. Ultraviolet light and the weather will deteriorate plastic, fiberglass and composite materials over time, The best place to store your boat is inside. If your kayak must be stored outside, make sure your kayak is stored under cover. Proper storage of your kayak will not only keep it looking good, but will ensure you of many years of memorable paddling adventures

In The Spot Light

Seaward Kayaks

   Seaward Kayaks is a small, family owned  company based out of Chemainus, B.C. whose motto is "No compromise".  They specialize in high end fiberglass and Kevlar kayaks which can be ordered in custom colors to suit your liking. Their reputation is based on quality, innovation and attention to detail.
  I have researched many kayaks over the years, but Seaward stands out above all the others. The overall designs of their kayaks plus the details of the workmanship and to the ability to have them customized makes them a top choice.
  Retailers for Seaward Kayaks are located in Canada, the upper Midwest and the the Northwest  US.. However, they will take orders online and ship to your location.  Seaward Kayaks are definitely the top of the line kayaks and well worth the investment. Who knows, maybe they'll be  available in Northern New England soon?

Seaward Ascente

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