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Nautical Measurement

Both distance and speed are measured differently on the water then what they are on land. Most everyone has heard the terms "nautical mile" and "knots". To assist you in converting the nautical measurements to the ones we more accustomed to, we have put together a little information that will help.

Statute Mile to Nautical Mile
1 statute mile is equal to .868976 nautical miles
Example: 25 miles x .868976 = 21 .72 nautical miles
Nautical Mile to Statute Mile
1 nautical mile is equal to 1.15078 statute miles.
Example: 25 nautical miles x 1.15078 = 28.77 statute miles
Miles per hour to knots
1 mile per hour is equal to .868976 knots
Example: 15mph x .868976 = 13 .034 knots
Knots to miles per hour
1 knot is equal to 1.15078 miles per hour
Example: 20 knots x 1.15078 = 30 .156 mph
Fahrenheit to Celsius
To convert degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius, subtract 32 then divide by 1.8
Example:  75°F - 32 ∕ 1.8= 23.88°C

Additional measurement conversions
Statute mile- is the measurement of distance over land
Nautical mile- is the measure of distance over water
1 fathom= 6 feet
100 fathoms= 1 cable length
10 cable lengths= 1 nautical mile
1 nautical mile= 1.15078 statute miles- this is the length of a minute of longitude at the equator
3 nautical miles= 1 league
1 knot= 1 nautical mile per hour or 1.15078 statute miles per hour
10 chains= 1 furlong or 201.17 meters
60 nautical miles= 1 degree of a great circle of earth (latitude)
1 statute mile= 5,280 feet
1 nautical mile= 6,075.115 feet

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